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ASKK Technologies is a group of consultants committed to bringing the highest quality software solutions to the transportation broker and carrier industry. We specialize in software designs to fit the intricacies and nuances that differentiate businesses and give them their competitive edge. With the technology available today, we believe that software should conform to your business needs rather than having business conform to the software.

In accordance with this ideal, ASKK has brought to market the Transportation Estimating and Dispatching System (TEDS) software package. Developed initially as a custom solution for a particular client, the generic nature in which it was designed allowed us to introduce a sophisticated system to the transportation industry at a fraction of the development cost. As the authors of the package, we can always enhance and modify TEDS to meet specific needs at very reasonable costs. In an industry characterized by change and growth, ASKK affirms its commitment to providing unparalleled customer service and support.

To meet these ambitious goals, ASKK has adopted DataFlex™ as its standard development tool. DataFlex is a fourth generation applications development database language. DataFlex runs equally well in UNIX™ , Novell™ , AIX™ , and MicroSoft Windows™. This not only provides choice for today, it allows for growth tomorrow. The combined power and flexibility of the TEDS system provides our users with the tools to deliver unsurpassable customer service. In such a competitive market, TEDS offers the ability to get the job done effectively, and with total confidence.

ASKK Technologies has been the leading innovator in transportation automation for over 10 years. Each of our consultants possesses extensive knowledge in database design, system development, communications technology and of course, the evolution of the transportation industry itself. Translating this experience into the constant refinement of TEDS, the result is a highly mature and sophisticated system that offers a comprehensive solution for each aspect of your operation.

ASKK provides high quality solutions on time and on budget. Our services range from the installation of custom hardware and software configurations to complete and in-depth training sessions for each level of your organization. To insure that your employees maintain a high level of productivity, we at ASKK provide our customers with our comprehensive support package. At all times ASKK strives to be more than just your systems vendor, we want to be your partner for success in the transportation industry.

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